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a bleach rp site that focuses on the arrancar's victory over the shinigami and its aftermath.
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 Rules of the Site

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PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:26 pm

1) This site is UNRATED. Yes this means you can posts anything along the lines of sex,drugs, gore, violence, drinking, etc. The only catch is if a topic involves any of these things please let it be known in the title with a self rating. (ie. sex=XXX in title, drugs and excessive gore= R) If you are not the topic creator put the post in a spoiler bar with a warning outside the bar as to its contents.

2) No gravity or time weapons


4) Sin is the webmaster and therefore has final say over what goes on. Below him are the admins, below them are the moderators. Do not question there judgment. If you do not like it, you may request another staff member's opinion on the situation, but do not sit around and bitch about something if things do not go your way.

5) Deaths will be looked over by Admins.

6) No auto-hitting or godmodding

7) You cannot dodge every single attack all the time.

8) Shunpo, Sonido, and anything else along those lines is not a form of teleportation. Do not treat it like one.

9) There is no posting order, except in fights.

10) Do not ignore someone who has joined your RP

11) RP in THIRD person

12) Play / fight logically

13) Do not post IC in multiple places.

14) Your Username must be your character's NAME. Not their "nickname" or their "codename" or whatever you wish to call it. Their actual name. If you don't want to refer to them by their name in the RP then don't, but your username must be their actual birth-given name.first names are acceptable

15) DO NOT STRAY FROM YOUR CHARACTER!!!!! If you say your character is shy, do not run around buck naked shouting out all of your wild crazy sex stories.

16) You may only have 2 characters at most at a time. If one is an Elite, then the other can not be an Elite.

17) In a fight you have 48 hours to respond. After that, the last person to post may declare a hit on any attack they did in their post, as well as post again with a killing blow. The defender has another 24 hours to respond. If they do not, the kill blow hits and the attacker wins.

18) No fighting in the Chatbox, because there are other people on the Chatbox who don't want to have to listen to things that don't involve them, or their characters. You are also not to boast about how many you have killed with your character. If you have to argue about it please contact one of the Admins to settle the argument. If you ignore this and a Chatbox moderator is on you'll get one warning before they kick you.

19) No porn pictures.-break this rule, and there WILL get a PM from the staff giving you ONE warning you break that warning and you will be BANED from the site.

20) If you wish to become a Moderator for the site please PM ALL head staff members (Sin, Enrya, Armond, and William) and give a vailed reason why we should consider you, and past experiences of Modship from past sites.

21) No acting Whorish within the Chat-Box. If anyone is seen acting this way on the Chat-Box you will be give a warning, once you get two warnings the Mod who has given you the warning will kick and or ban you from the Chat-Box.

22) When posting Pictures on the Chat-Box please, and I can't stress this enough places SPOILERS on them before you post them. They lag the Chat-Box, and prevent much from being said, and makes life harder for the other members.

23) No posting in other members apps if you are not a Moderator/Admin. Other members find this annoying, and confusing.
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Rules of the Site
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