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 Hollowfication Rules

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PostSubject: Hollowfication Rules   Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:26 pm

Hollowfication Rules:

These rules will be broken up into an IC category and OOC category just so nobody gets confused. None of these rules are terribly outrageous, so no worries. They are all easy to follow.


1) Must be an active member of the site

2) Must have spoken interest in becoming a Vizard to Armond (or somehow have gotten word to him be it through another member or a PM...preferably PM) and worked out details.

3) Must give a heads-up to Enrya (it's just polite to tell your leader that you're leaving, y'know?)


1) Must have had some contact with Armond

2) Must have had a practice fight with Armond or Methias.
Note: This will happen prior to the introduction of the Hogyoku. If Armond or Methias deems you unworthy of Vizard abilities, you will not get them. Simple as that.

3) Must not be turning Vizard so you can kill Shinigami (Armond doesn't deal in giving power for a personal vendetta...)

4) Must be AT LEAST Lieutenant in strength / level

5) Must type up a post detailing the fight with your Hollow. Paragraphs = minuets. Must be at least 3 minuets.

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Hollowfication Rules
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