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 Shunko Rules

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PostSubject: Shunko Rules   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:24 pm

(1) Only 2nd Division Captain Auto-learns Shunko

(2) Requires actual Captain STATUS (not power level, may be ex captain, as long as you held the titile "Captain")

(3) Must be taught BY ANOTHER PERSON (not NPC)

(4) Requires at least 16 posts of teaching (8 for Hakuda, 8 for Kido) Must not exceed 24 post.

(5) Only the teacher may decide when training is over and you have mastered it.

(6) For Vizards who know it, Shunko may not be used in conjunction with your res. If used while mask is donned, the special abilities of your mask (save the stat increases) will be unusable.

(7) BEFORE proceeding with learning, must be OK'd by an admin to learn it.

These rules are subject to change!
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Shunko Rules
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