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 Takeshi Saruzaka [Asked Permission From Armond]

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PostSubject: Takeshi Saruzaka [Asked Permission From Armond]   Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:05 am

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Name: Takeshi Sazuraka

    Alias: Kid

    Gender: Male

    Age: 230

    Visual Age: 15

    Race: Human, Shinigami

    Ex-Division: Kido Corps

    Ex-Seat: Captain

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    *This stuff is optional

    Blood Type: A+

    Family Members: -

    Birth Date: March 31

    Star Sign: -

    Favorite Food: Vegetables, Sushi, Tempura

    Least Favorite Food: Meat

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    General Appearance:


    Reiatsu Color: Dark Purple

    Height: 157 cm

    Weight: 48 kg

    Body Type: Normal



    Takeshi is a serious, silent, cool person who has a heart far from other people. He is also a silent guy who never talk to anybody, a person who save words and a person who hates long answers same with answering several questions. Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a Shinigami, Takeshi has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities. His calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. . Also, for his entire life, despite being popular towards females due to being handsome and cool, Takeshi showed absolutely no interest in any of these women


    - peace
    - friendship
    - tea
    - smiling
    - resting
    - sushi
    - pretending


    - evil
    - war
    - seeing other people's pain

    Goals: to live peacefully

    Insecurities: -

    Fears: other people's death


    - friends
    - love
    - his own power
    - strategy
    - illusion
    - drawing
    - calculations


    - friends
    - love
    - hatred

    Phobias: -


    Addictions: Books, Symmetry

    Withdrawals: When in battle


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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Saruzaka [Asked Permission From Armond]   Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:51 am

Sorry about the wait. Things were a bit crazy. Just do me a favor, and if you're a starter Vizard include some sort of meeting between Takeshi and Armond =) After that it'll be a-okay =)
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Takeshi Saruzaka [Asked Permission From Armond]
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