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 Armond La'Crow Silverblood

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PostSubject: Armond La'Crow Silverblood   Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:02 pm

This is my real application, put here for your (the reader) benefit. This is so you know how things should look. Obviously not everything will be the same, but you can get the idea of what we are looking for.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Silverblood, Armond La’Crow

Alias: La Volpe (The Fox), Crow

Gender: Male

Age: 500

Visual Age: Late teens early twenties.

Race: Vizard

Ex-Division: 2nd

Ex-Seat: Captain

Sexual Orientation: Gay (open)

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type:

Family Members: Sister- Enrya Silverblood

Birth Date:

Star Sign:

Favorite Food:

Least Favorite Food:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Apperance:

Reiatsu Color: A dull Silver color that (in light) seems to sparkle…it’s only the color of it though. It’s not super dull, just not bright enough to blind.

Height: 5 foot 11

Weight: 140lbs.

Body Type: Athletic

Extra Information: Like all in the Silverblood family, he was given a tattoo in his early years. Because of his everything, he was given the tattoo of a black carnation. A flower that means rejection. This flower resides on several places on his body. The original one in on the back of his left hand. He got a blue one on his right shoulder, and a red on on the back of his neck.


Personality: Armond is a very coy being. His smiles are always ones that speak of his amusement. He is geberally very cold and apathetic. He manipulates people. He is also a romantic and a flirtatious man. When fighting though, he becomes more childish in nature. He will laugh more, do silly things, say silly things. It is tied to his manipulative persona though. For after he has seen what he needs to, he is as cold as a winter storm.


Dislikes: Stupid people…

Goals: --

Insecurities: His weight. Even though he is perfectly healthy and weighs what he should, he feels he weighs too much.

Fears: Losing control of Gato, and his own powers.

Strengths: Cooking, poetry, strategy, chess, speaking in general.

Weaknesses: Accepting failure, letting go of a grudge.

Phobias: ---

Extra Information: HE IS NOT A COCKY PERSON!!! When his plans fail he doesn’t get upset and go into a frenzy. He leaves room for error so that he may adjust as needed. DO NOT CONFUSE HIS WEAKNESS FOR ACCEPTING FAILURE WITH HIS LACK OF CARE WHEN A MISSION FAILS!!!


Addictions: Fire >.>

Withdrawals: None…he never got help…


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PostSubject: Re: Armond La'Crow Silverblood   Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:46 am

didn't need to put that much detail into the background but anyway...

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Armond La'Crow Silverblood
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