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 High Speed Regeneration

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PostSubject: High Speed Regeneration   Wed May 12, 2010 5:40 pm

Not negotiable.

Because High Speed Regeneration can cause A LOT of problems, it WILL have a duration and cooldown. The numbers being 6 / 6. So you get to activate it for 6 posts, and then must wait 6 posts for it to end. The regeneration rate is as followed:

Scratches, bruises, and shallow stabs: 2 posts

Broken limbs, gashes, and deep stabs (or stabs that went straight through the body): 3 posts

Removed limbs: 4 posts

ORGANS CANNOT BE HEALED IN COMBAT!!! If you manage to win a fight with a damaged organ, you may heal it outside of combat.

If you have ANY TYPE of HSR, it will automatically follow these rules. Depending on other powers, times for healing could be increased or decreased.

Again, NOT negotiable.
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High Speed Regeneration
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