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 Ranking Rules

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PostSubject: Ranking Rules   Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:37 pm

Ranking Rules

Note: These spread over all races, but race leaders can have their own set of rules that they may add onto these.

1) You must talk to the rank leaders to obtain a rank prior to character creation if you want to start at a specific rank. Ex: Jim wants to be a captain, so he messages Enrya and talks to her about it. If she approves, Jim may make a character who is at captain level.

2) Race Leaders have the right to remove ranks or give them as they see fit.

3) If you have a high rank, you are expected to abide by the site rules, set an example for new members, BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER, and know what auto-hitting is. (Yes I am serious about that one...)

These are subject to change as needed.
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Ranking Rules
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