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 Daisuke Damoery

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Daisuke Damorey


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PostSubject: Daisuke Damoery   Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:06 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Daisuke Damoery

Alias: (If you have one)

Gender: Male

Age: 225

Visual Age:19

Race: Shinigami

Division: Mercenary

Hollow Hole Location: (Arrancar only)

Mask Fragment Description: (Arrancar only)

Tattoo Location: (arrancar only)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: AB+

Family Members: (none. All were killed by his father who then died as Daisuke's hands)

Birth Date: 3/9/1956

Star Sign: Pieces/horse

Favorite Food: Depends on what it is.

Least Favorite Food: Depends on what it is.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Appearance: (Written description or Picture)

Reiatsu Color: Midnight Black

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 160

Body Type: Light built but muscular

Extra Information: On his left eye is a small halo like mark.


Personality: While Daisuke tends to act nice and caring, he is more calm and collected and is very alert to his surroundings. He spends his time alone and every now and then he’ll talk to someone but he likes to be away due to a haunting memory that affected his personality.
He tends work alone and if someone else tries to team up with him he'll turn them down, again this has to due with his memories. While he is calm, collected, and caring he does a have a very bad side to him. Force an order on him, or provoke him and it’ll be the last thing you’ll do. He takes no orders from anyone. He works as a Mercenary. You got to give something for his services. He don’t work for free. He has a code: “Fight not to kill but to see whose better. Kill only if you need too.” He gets along with his Zanpakuto Ranmyaku and will only listen to her judgment and advice. When he has the love of his life around him he is very interactive. But when she’s gone then he tends to stay alone.
When it comes to fighting he can be a bit bloodthirsty. He’ll strike down anything that stands in his way(excluding humans and allies alike).

Likes: Money, girls with uh…big personalities ^^, a good fighter that has a sense of code and honor, The love of his life Rangiku

Dislikes: A man that has no code, no honor. People who tries to join him, weak people, hollows, and killing women.

Goals: to find the love of his life Rangiku and topple the arrancar army.

Insecurities: none

Fears: Past memories haunting him.

Strengths: His halo eye, the love and support he gets from Ranmyaku and Rangiku

Weaknesses: His left eye which houses the halo like symbol.

Extra Information: His uniform jacket is a black and white uniform. White on the right side, Black on the left side with yin-yang signs running sideways on the lower part of his uniform. His pants are just plain black.



Withdrawals: none.

Bio: Human Years:
Daisuke Damorey was born to the noble Damorey ninja clan. He was raised from the age of three to be an assassin. He leaned the arts of the melee weapons. He went to school like a normal person and as such no one ever knew he was an assassin. He has black hair deep purple eyes and is one of the most strongest assassin to date. When he enters high school his whole life changed. One day while he was in school a rivalry assassin clan sent one of it’s members to kill Daisuke while in school. He saw it coming and asked for this to be taken to a private location. They walked out and they went back to the old school gym and then they fought. Of course Daisuke being lighter quicker and more agile won the fight with ease. He killed the assassin and went back to class and like nothing ever happen. He goes home and reports to his father and he gives him the mission to kill the rival clan. He got his uniform on which consisted of a pair of light flexible pants and shirt. He wore his assassins sword on sideways and all of his throwing weapons were on his legs. He silently made his way to the village and taking a smoke bomb he threw it and blinding people he killed the look outs and he went deeper into the village killing anyone that stood in his way excluding kids, and women. He made his way deeper into the village and finally found the head leader of the clan and before anyone had a chance to react he killed them all with his sword. He walked out as if nothing happen. His orders were to kill the village but he hated killing women and children. Returning to his village he gave his report and his father dismissed him. He knew something was not right and sent another ninja to check on his work and he came back saying that the females and the children were still alive. He figure his mother must have told him to spare their lives and he gave the order to have her killed and then kill the villagers and then Daisuke. Of course what they did not know was that Daisuke over heard them and he took his mother and they relocated to Karakura Town. Of course it was not later until he found his mother slain in her bed and a note saying he was next. He knew his father had found them and he was going to pay. He had a girlfriend at the time and his number one goal was to see her safely out of the town before his father could kill her. He knew of a forest that lead to another district and he knew he could slay his whole family there as well. The day before the fight he laid traps and made fake ones just incase the decided to try and counter his traps. He built a wooden box that was 60x60 and had impaling stakes inside them which he suspended above the forest canopy. Finally the time of the fight and the relocation of his girlfriend Aya. He goes over to her house and waits for her to get packed and he told her to pack light until she got the safe house. Someone else would escort her as he stayed and took care of his family. It was at that moment a dozen ninjas broke in and started to attack him. He killed them all but one was still standing and he stabbed Daisuke in the gut. Daisuke in return snapped his neck and the assassin fell to his knees dead. Daisuke started to treat himself to the best of his abilities. He was damaged badly. With the help of Aya they made their way to the forest. They made it to the middle when his father and the res of the clan appeared. They were trapped. Of course he all ready knew this would happen. He put a hallucination powder on the trees and anyone who touched it would see double vision and then a bodies start to fall to the ground and his planned had worked. The clan members had back stabbed their own members due to the fact they thought that Daisuke was in front of them. So 100 hundred ninjas had fallen and it was mainly thanks to the powder he made. His father had taken the biggest slap in the face from his son. He order the rest of the ninjas(there were 200 total)to kill him. Instead of being smart and trying to throw weapons he sent them head long and out of no were a rope was throw and Daisuke grabbed on and just as he grabbed on four shrunken were thrown and cut the trap ropes and the ninjas were too late to get out of the net that was buried in the ground. They went into the air right were the 60x60 box with the impaling stakes were at and then the sound of agonizing screams came from the top of the canopy as it rained blood. No one survived. Mean while Daisuke handed Aya to his contacts and they made their escape but aya persisted on watching Daisuke kill his father and they allowed it. Staying in the shadows they watch as Daisuke and his father square off against each other. Daisuke was at a very bad disadvantage. The stab in the stomach affected him but never the less he fought his father. He knew that he was going to die from the stomach wound but he wanted to make sure his father died before he did. They circled each other waiting for one of them to make the first move and they did this for five minuets and finally his father trip on the tree root and Daisuke charged at him with his assassins sword drawn and he brought it down with lightning speed in which his father parried the attack with his own blade and in a blink of an eye he recovered and held his blade out to the side of his body. “Not bad Daisuke. It seems that stab wound has not affected you badly. Your mother was all ways the best in medical….” And then a shuriken flew by his cheek and blood trickle down. Daisuke looked at his father with pure hatred in his eyes. “You have no right to speak her name, you killed her with out asking her if she was even was involved with me sparing the villagers life. I was the one that spared them. You killed my mother, your wife for NOTHING.” Daisuke said as he looked at his father and his father looked at him. “LET’S FINISH THIS.” They both yelled out as the both charged at each other. Daisuke dropped his sword and forced his hand into his fathers neck and his father stabbed him…or so he thought. He missed him by just inches and his father gasped. “You have done well son, you are truly the worlds greatest assassin.” “Fuck you father.” Daisuke said as he ripped his whole spinal cord out, head still attached to it. He yelled out not in victory triumph but rather a agonizing one. His father’s body fell to the floor hid blood flowing out like a river. Then Daisuke’s time had come, the wound had taken his last energy away and he fell to the floor coughing. Aya went over to him and held him in her arms and tried to tell him it’s ok, he’ll be fine, and she cried when he reached up to her one last time and kissed her and then closed his eyes and left for the afterlife.
Shinigami arc: After watching his ex girlfriend cry her eyes out and holding his body close to her, he cried and then he walked around the earth for twenty five years and then finally he knew he it was time for him to die…yet again. A hollow had been stalking him for quite some time and finally had him right were he wanted him. He was about to kill Daisuke when a female Shinigami appeared and saved him. She looked at him and smiled. “You been evading us for quite some time Daisuke. I finally found you. Come we don’t have much time.” She said as she took his hand and they left. He notice that she had strawberry colored hair, icy blue eyes and a birth mark on her chin. He looked at her. “What’s your name?” She looked back at him. “Mine is Rangiku Matsumoto.” Daisuke looked at her. “How did you know my name, and where are we going?” He asks her. “We know your name because you have a very powerful spiritual pressure. A team was sent down to get data on you and we found out what you did. So we know your name and we’re going to the Soul Society.” He did a double take. “To where?” He asks again. She giggled and looked at him. “It’s called the afterlife or paradise.” She explained to him. So thirty minuets later they arrived. She left him and he went on his own knowing how hungry he was he asked her if there was a place to eat and she took him to a diner and he ate a big plate of food. She took a notice in it and she said she had to go off somewhere. A few minuets later she came back and told him that the Shinigami academy had a slot open and that he should join. He smiled as he went there and applied and was in the slot automatically. He was given a standard Zanpakuto and when he saw that Sosuke Aizen was teaching the class he found himself not liking the guy right off the bat. He got tired of the old man’s teaching and he snuck off in the middle of the night and went on a journey to become powerful and show Aizen who’s stronger. Of course this worried Rangiku a lot and went to check on him and Aizen told her that he left. This made her upset and she went looking for him. At that time a shady figure was fallowing Daisuke. He sensed it coming from a forest and he turned his attention to it and went in that direction. He came upon a very long Zanpakuto embedded in the stump. He walked up to it and looked upon it. It had black onyx stones and white diamonds engraved into the hilt and the upper part of the blade was white and the lower half black. He walked and grabbed the sword and on the third try of pulling it out he managed to get it out and smiled. He took the pointed edge and stabbed himself and found himself in a beautiful world. It was a ruin city that nature had decided to overrun and in the middle stood a young female elf. He approached her and she looked at him. “What do you seek of me oh soul reaper?” He looked at her. “I’m Daisuke Damorey. I wish to be your partner of spirit of the sword.” She looked at him. “Your soul has learned violence but yet you all ways did fought for the right reasons. My kind of person. Very well Soul Reaper. I shall entrust myself and my abilities to you.” She said then kissed him and then he woke up wonder what had happen. For the next 200 years he trained alone learning how to become the best soul reaper. He snuck inside and stole the scrolls and learned techniques while at the same time his Zanpakuto spirit whose name was Ranmyaku. She trained him to use the kidos that she knew and he mastered them down with in three months. He learned how to use his Shikai and had it mastered within three years and five months. His Bankai is still in the works but has gained the ability to change into his Bankai form but his abilities are still unknown. After the attack on the soul society Daisuke had been wondering what is going to happen to them. Ranmyaku suggested that they flee and try to gain enough strength and power to strike back at the Arrancars. So taking her advice he flees the area and relocates in the wastelands and his story begins.

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Daisuke Damoery
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