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a bleach rp site that focuses on the arrancar's victory over the shinigami and its aftermath.
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 Bleach: Forbidden Twilight

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PostSubject: Bleach: Forbidden Twilight   Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:01 pm

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Discription of the site: They won...They actually won... At the Winter Wars it had originally seemed the Shinigami were winning. Soifon blasted Barragan with her Bankai's, Jakuho Raikoben, missile. Hitsugaya Toshirô had frozen Tia Harribel with Hyôten Hyakkasô, and Starrk had been blasted down into the city by the combined forces of Ukitake and Shunsui. However the tide changed considerably after Wonderweiss Margera arrived with his companion, Fura. Wonderweiss released Harribel from her ice prison, and stabbed attempted to attack Ukitake and Shunsui. His plan backfired slightly when Ukitake dodged and hit him across the city to the Vizard, Mashiro Kuna. Fura blew the giant smoke cloud that had covered Barragan, away and revealed an un-scratched Barragan. Gin, Aizen, and Tōsen then left the fiery prison brought up by Yamamoto. Tia Harribel and Hitsugaya Toshirô fought a long and grueling battle, but Hitsugaya lost focus for one second and was crushed by her Cascada.

Barragan and Soifon's battle was one of the longest. However, with the help of Omaeda's sacrifice and Hachi's barriers, Soifon defeated him. After Starrk released Los Lobos, and Shunsui released his Bankai the other ranks of shinigami joined in to help. Eventually Aizen got tired of the game and commanded Wonderweiss to command Fura. Thousands of hollows spewed forward from his mouth, but the Vizard stepped in. Mashiro Kuna would be a hero of the Vizard by killing Fura in one blow and defeating Wonderweiss Margera. The Shinigami thought they were winning again...until Tōsen stepped in. He used his mask and killed his former Lieutenant Hisagi Shuuhei.

Outraged, Sajin Komamura released his Bankai and fought with Tōsen. Tōsen was killed even after he released his Ressurccion, and that's when Gin stepped in. He released his Bankai and in moments he had killed Yamamoto's Lieutenant, and Hiyori. After that, all shinigami left the Fake Karakura Town, but not before Urahara took the Hogyoku out of Aizen. Enraged they headed back to Hueco Mundo to regroup. Meanwhile, Yammy had nearly defeated Byakuya when Kenpachi released his eye patch as Byakuya released his Bankai. Within an hour Yammy was dead and Mayuri opened a Garganata that would take them all home.

The Gotei 13 was diminished to the only a few Captains and Lieutenants.. The Espada's numbers dwindled oh so much with only Harribel, and Starrk remaining. They left to go into hiding afraid of Aizen killing them off. Grimmjow was found to be alive and he decided to come up with his own organization, Zenkai. Despite their past feelings for each other Starrk, and Harribel joined him. Aizen and Gin didn't worry and began to assemble a new army. During this they had went to Szayel's lab to take one of the two items he had created, the Sogyoku. The Sogyoku was the sister companion of the Hogyoku. Szayel had cut the Hogyoku's power in 3. Grimmjow and his Zenkai Organization had the other sphere, Kyokokyu. Aizen, using his Sogyoku revived Szayel, Ulquiorra, Yammy, Zommari, and also made Loly an Espada. Despite the Sogyoku and the Kyokokyus' powers all three organazations plans revolve around the Hogyoku. Soul Society are trying to destroy it, but it takes too much time experimenting. Should they strike, or defend...? Who will win?
The Gotei?
Grimmjow's Zenkai?
Or the Espada?
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Bleach: Forbidden Twilight
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