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a bleach rp site that focuses on the arrancar's victory over the shinigami and its aftermath.
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 Bleach Burning Worlds

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Gen Takahashi

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PostSubject: Bleach Burning Worlds   Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:43 pm

The battle between the Gotei 13, Aizen, and his followers has long since been over. After Ryuujin Jakka's flames disappears Ichigo killed Wonderweiss and Yama-jii Continued his attack so quick that he ended up killing All the captains and Ichigo with him. Hollows started to invade the now unprotected Soul Society and The world of the living, about 100 years after the invasion started the Shinigami that remained banded together and pushed the hollows back, alongside the Shinigami the Bounts came out of their hiding and push the hollows from the world of the living. For about 200 more years, the Shinigami and Bounts worked out a a peaceful settle between themselves. Life in the SS and the world of the living return to normal. Some curious shinigami went searching for things from the olden days and stumbled upon the old academy, sat there and studied the books and became the first shinigami of the new age. They started the academy up again, established the Gotei 13, and built the SS back up to its former self.

The hollows have been invading both SS and the world of the living, absorbing powerful souls and becoming stronger and stronger eventually coming to the power that Aizen gave them so long ago. Upon the search of the former Las Noches the Hōgyoku was found. It hadn't been awakened in a long time and still slumbers. After another 100 years of trying to get it to awaken it awoke slightly but has never fully awakened because non of the Arrancars have the power to help it along. But in the process The Arrancars created more and more Arrancars. When the Shinigami's along with the bounts and Quincies attacked the Arrancar's in Hueco Mundo they wiped out all Arrancar except one the Primero Espada. The battle has begun.

This is a new and up coming site with a different plot and take on the original. This site not Cannon friendly, all cannon characters and moves are forbidden.

If you have any questions, PM Gen the moderator
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Bleach Burning Worlds
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