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 The Training room

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Kaiser William Siegfried

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PostSubject: The Training room   Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:19 pm

William had gotten back from the wastelands. He was feeling stupid. How could he just say such stupid things like that? He had told Arachne that he loved her. Sure he did, but he shouldn't have said that so early. "DAMMIT!!" William cursed as he ripped apart a dummy with his bare hands. He was pissed at himself. He made himself look like a damn fool, than anything else. She must hate him now or worse want to kill him. She wasn't going to be the first. After all he knew he was the most hated within this world. More so then Sin. Manly due to his beliefs, and who he had within Prussia. He had all sorts of different races. The Quincy, Superhumans, Humans, Shinigami, Arrancar, and even Bounts. Yet out of them all William was far stronger. Manly due to his secret training. In truth William loved killing. He loved the feel of blood splashing his face in the heat of battle. Many would say he was a demon. It would explain his eyes, and how he acted when he was pissed. After all he was worse then even Sin. He tried to get rid of all this but there was no chance in changing the person he was, and what he liked to do. He loved fighting, and battle. He didn't like this side of him. He was a blood thirsty monster. Hence the reason he never uses his Bankai. He tended to lose himself in Bankai.

William had destroyed what must have been a small army of dummies. The dummies that attacked him. The training room was massive and easy to repair so he didn't hold back. He was in Shikai. One of his weaker forms. It was the only form he could go to. Since he wanted to stay in control. Sai, his Zanpakuto spirit was trying to calm William down, and silence his blood thirst. In a way it had worked. He was calmer once he was done training for a good few hours. Chevalier knew of William's blood thirst and had also done A LOT in calming him down. Hence the reason why William loved Chevalier as if he was his blood brother. He believed that so long as Chevalier was around he would be able to control himself, and it was looking good. Just now that he hasn't seen or talked to his dear friend he's been having flashes. He's been acting and doing stupid things, he knows he shouldn't do. He confessed his love way to damn early, and he knew she felt nothing for him. Nothing but a respect. William knew when she would give back his guitar she would tell him she'll kill him or forget him. He could understand though. He knew it was better for her to worry about her status amongst the Espada.

William's ruby red eyes began to tear up. He fell to his knees crying. This was his release. "FUCK!!! WHY ME?!!! FUCK!" William cried out as he began slamming the ground creating massive holes. "ARHHH!!!" William cried out jolting his head up towards the sky. He was doing his best to calm down. He knew he'd have to get over having lost another one he loved. He then stood up. He felt weak. He wanted to kill the one person who started making his life a living hell. He wanted Sin's head. He wanted revenge. "Its his fault... its all his fucking fault!... I'm going to kill him." William said his voice sounding as if it belonged to a demon's. William then let out a massive cry which seemed to sound as if it was an unnatural cry of a demon from the lowest circle of hell.

Then William clappsed. All his anger, rage, hate, mallace, and his want to kill Sin was gone. He was now back to his happy self. He pushed himself up. He was back to normal. He had just released his pain, and his fear. He was now back to his caring self. William sheathed Sai, and after doing so he slid his hands into his pockets and headed out of the training room.


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The Training room
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