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 Ricardo Montalbán

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Ricardo Montalban

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PostSubject: Ricardo Montalbán   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:43 pm

Name: Ricardo Montalbán

Alias: Rico Monty

Gender: Male

Age: 432 years

Visual Age: 40's



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Blood Type: AB-

Family Members: Descendant grand daughter whom he keeps hidden with the powers of his doll.

Birth Date: 08/24/2???

Star Sign: Virgo

Favorite Food: Dried beef and Skittle hoard that he has maintained over the centuries. And souls... gotta have souls.

Least Favorite Food: Beets and the souls of prostitutes.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Apperance: Wears a pair of faded gray jeans with a thin black rope for a belt. His brown boots are dingy with years of visible wear and tear, but still in decent condition. A black sleeveless undershirt along with a red plaid flannel shirt with a watch that he houses his doll in. He keeps his hair braided normally, but when it isn't, he lets it hang down in a loose, limp mass of afro.

Reiatsu Color: Sunset Orange

Height: 6'4

Weight: 235

Body Type: Toned

Extra Information: Wears a pair of slightly shaded glasses to cover his glossy gray eyes. Constantly taps his watch to try and get it working. hasn't exactly worked the right way since his doll was housed inside of it.


Personality: Very laid back and lazy, but will become suddenly eager when someone tells him a battle is arising. Spends most of his time eating candy and harvesting loose souls. Prefers not to have to kill people to get their souls, but should they be deemed irritating enough, he'll gladly dispose of them. Rather lecherous in his encounters with women, Ricardo will easily put flirting before fighting should he find her sexy enough. And he loves this new world since everyone in it seems to be rather busty nowadays.

Goals: To wreak havoc when the mood strikes him, and to drift aimlessly through life with ample success. Also to bring "balance" to the world's diverse population.

Insecurities: His ragged appearance... which he refuses to change since he believes himself to be too old for change.

Fears: The end of this era of super-powered individuals and big breasted women.

Strengths: Great motivational speaker and cunning tactician.

Weaknesses: Has a tendency to quit things halfway through, even battles, due to a sudden case of boredom.


Bio: Originally one of the many Bounts who wandered aimlessly throughout the world, Ricardo would wander into various towns. Easily passing as a normal human, he would take Hollows by surprise and consume them using his powers. Hoping that this would arouse the interest of the women around at the time, he would try to sleep with them, and if he was dissatisfied with them afterwards, he would consume their souls as well.

He's always had a distaste for thieves and women who give themselves too freely. Essentially not liking people who take too much and give too much. Throughout his life, he's be a firm believer in equality and perfect balance. Thus the reason why the horrible imbalance between Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy, Human, and Bounts irritates him. A handful of Bounts here, a few hundred thousand Hollows there, a few dozen Quincy's tossed here, and a boatload of Shinigami flung over there. Why not just kill them all and let the humans replenish the Earth? That way there can be enough heroes, villains, and food for everyone. Needless to say, his logic is kinda skewed by his laziness.

Ricardo has discovered his lineage continues with a granddaughter who has somehow survived the process of the Hollows harvesting the human race. He sneaks his way into the camp and rescues her, bringing her to a cave located nearest to the Bount's new home. He keeps her tucked away for fear that his fellow bretheren, or maybe a stray Hollow or Arrancar, will consume her. She's a darling little girl to him, even though she's 16 years old and quick to throw a hissy fit whenever he treats her like a little girl. She calls him Rico Monty whenever he irritates her and he lashes back with comments of his own. The perfect relationship of bickering grandfather and bickering granddaughter.

Luckily, he ran across Ken Ishimaru and decided to join him in his quest to rid the world of Sin and his bothersome army of irritating Arrancar. Maybe kill a few Shinigami. This all depends on whether they are busty or not. Because no matter the race, a sexy Matsumoto or a voluptuous Harribel or Nel could sway his decision to potentially murder them.

Ricardo Montalban's doll isn't sealed away, but he hasn't had any real troubles with it, being as it is a direct reflection of him, it's rather lazy, and mutiny doesn't suit it well, seeing as how that would involve planning and plotting and backstabbing and an endless list of things to set up to successfully accomplish this. It's much easier to follow his few orders and spend most of it's time relaxing in his watch. Much to it's enjoyment, the doll likes to screw with his watch and make it move backwards, and sometimes stop it's movement altogether. Ricardo get back at him by stuffing him back into the original box he brought the watch from in the first place for weeks at a time.
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Kaiser William Siegfried

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PostSubject: Re: Ricardo Montalbán   Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:18 pm

APPROVED! unless stated otherwise.

William's theme-

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Ricardo Montalbán
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