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 Merci, Mayako

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PostSubject: Merci, Mayako   Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:18 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Merci, Mayako

Gender: Female

Age: 1250

Visual Age: 21

Race: Shinigami

Division: Third

Sexual Orientation: Gay

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Blood Type: AB

Birth Date: 16 August

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Apperance:

Reiatsu Color: Pale Red

Body Type: Slim

Extra Information: She has a small tattoo of a hawk on her lower back.


Personality: To those around her, Mayako acts bright and cheerful. She walks with a spring in her step, yet keeps an air of grace around her. She spends a lot of her time smiling and laughing. Aside from that, she is not afraid to speak her own mind, and if she has something to say, she will say it, even if it hurts them. She is also a full-on lesbian, but she won't admit the fact unless asked, or 'hit on'.

Mayako works her absolute hardest to get what she wants. Her schoolwork is up to a pretty high standard, and she spends quite a lot of her spare time after school studying, leaving her weekends free.

When alone, Mayako stays silent. She keeps her head down, and tries not to do anything that may compromise what she is currently attempting.

Mayako is completely afraid of swimming, and will avoid any chances to do so.

Fears: Swimming

Strengths: Hakuda, Kidou

Weaknesses: Shunpou

Phobias: The possibility of having to swim.


Addictions: None

Bio: Mayako was born in the Okinawa Prefecture, an illegitimate birth. Her father was a married tourist from somewhere in Hokkaido, who was having an affair with this young Okinawan woman. When born, she was named Mayako after her grandmother, who also had some form of spiritual power. Up until Mayako turned eight, she and her mother lived quite happily, and were quite rich.

During this time, Mayako could not see any form of spirits, not even basic shapes. She had lived blissfully ignorant throughout this entire time, until she and her mother decided that they were going to move. Their destination was Karakura. On the ferry from Okinawa back to the mainland, Mayako was looking over the edge of the ferry, when she was accidently shunted over the edge and into the ocean below. Her mother ran and jumped over the edge, diving into the water to save her daughter. She managed to get the nearly-dead Mayako to safety on the boat, but just before she could get up herself, a large wave hit Mayako's mother up against the side of the ship. Her already-exhausted body was simply defeated by the force, and she fell unconscious and into the water, never seen again, or so Mayako thought.

It was that day that Mayako began to see them. The spirits were in the air, and she was seeing them, chains and all. In Mayako's eyes, they were in horrible pain. She simply couldn't stand to see them, and began to wear glasses. Her eyesight hadn't changed, but they were created so that the spirits just didn't appear in front of her. Unfortunately, as Mayako's spiritual powers began to grow, the glasses became ineffective, and Mayako was never able to find wherever they were made.

Her dream became to do what her mother had aimed for but never made. She wanted to study to enter Todai, or Tokyo University. She knew that at her current age she was ineligible to enter, but she was going to study all the same. Six years passed, and she was still studying her possible hardest. And that is what she has been doing to this very day.

When she had just turned sixteen, Mayako was simply walking to school when she saw it. The Hollow. It noticed her as well, and tried to attack and eat her. Just as the Hollow was about to reach her, a streak of black came between the and killed the Hollow. When the Shinigami turned around to see who she had saved, Mayako instantly recognised it as her mother, who she thought had died.

About 6 months later, Mayako was run down and killed by a large vehicle. She woke up in the hands of Shinigami, who took her to Egypt. Her spiritual powers meant that she was able to enter into the Academy to become a Shinigami, and about 10 years later, she made it out.

Mayako is a lesbian out of choice, because she simply saw men as 'undesirable' and found women more attractive.
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Merci, Mayako
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