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 more family stuff...

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PostSubject: more family stuff...   Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:58 pm

yea i've been in a pissed off mood for a reason. i've had some more family problems that I'd rather NOT like to discuss at all and am taking a vacation over this weekend to cool off. I should be back late Monday or early Tuesday and don't plan on accessing a computer during this duration. i will probably become much stricter the first few days of my return (those who were on BNE probably remember this) and im just warning you in advance. Until my return, Armond is Webmaster.No discussion. One of the admins can post here taking over the "espada" entrance exams while im gone. Besides that my topic with william will become void ( i hope you don't mind william, i'll make it up to you later). i will be holding an espada meeting upon my return and the site plot will advance to its next stage. See you all later.

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more family stuff...
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