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 Invasion of his bankai....

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Henji Hiorako


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PostSubject: Invasion of his bankai....   Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:04 am

The sands of the Sahara seemed to skip over a man's sandals. His feet being covered in it. He bore a long white coat with the emblem of the twelfth division on the back. This was, of course, because he was the captain of that division. His eyes scanned back and fourth as he waited. It was supposed to happen here. Something dark and evil was supposed to emerge to this place.

In fact, the message was subconscious and for some time he knew that it felt wrong. It was as if something was misplaced. Yet, he stood there as still as could be. Then he heard a sound. The sound of a battle, thousands of men dieing and being split open by a blade with effortless feel. His shinigami uniform wavering in the wind slightly as he stood there and watched for what was to transpire.

his eyes looking like crystals as they scanned the depths of what they saw as irrelevant. The man unsheathed his sword immediately as he felt an odd and familiar reaitsu. it couldn't be him but he was alive so could it really be. He wondered as he pulsed back and fourth with his eyes still trying to locate the sound's origin.

His eyes stopped as a figure appeared from the shadows with s sword like Henji's Shikai. His face turned red with anger as he stared at the figure, all of it's features available for him to see. the site of a life time really. The figure spoke.

"Lets get this straight. you have one test to prove to me you are right and every time you use me with out hesitation or fear then the easier this will be Ji-string-san."

The voice crackled as it laughed historically because of the knowledge it had that the man standing before it, hated to use it. The figure raised his sword and pointed it towards the man, spreading his legs apart slightly the figure placed his large and monstrous arm clenching on his regular arm and the hilt of the sword. As it faced towards the man a sudden word and cackle echoed through his lips.


The man's eyes widened as he noted the word. The figure had said the pinnacle of the Zanpaktou. The figure had declared, Bankai. Energy welled up around him as his blade started to glow and pulse. The glowing burst to a bright light as it flashed and the eye on the blade that was now noticeable blinked once.

The welled up energy started to twirl around the blade and the figure. It was all a great mass of energy bearing down on the Man in the coat. The sand whirled up around the figure and a tornado of sand, reaitsu, and even some random debris like animals and things seemed to fly about.

Then the reaitsu dispersed sending a boom of all that debris, sand, and dirt outward revealing the bankai of the figure that was now in full view, but he didn't change. No, for this was the manifestation of the man's zanpaktou and it already was halfway to bankai.

The man breathed in gently and fully as he spoke.

"I see the bankai draws you from your cold world to the realm of the fight. Such an ability is worth going all out for as I have no choice it seems."

The man unsheathed his sword and pointed it so the blade was facing down, the point of the blade pointing towards his left, and the blade clenched in his right hand. The blade started to crack and break apart as he spoke one sentence.

"Anata no akumu misete kudasai, Akuma."

The center of the blade cracked and burst apart reveling a purple eye. From there the cutting part of the blade cracked and shifted, growing to a large size. The rest of the blade followed suit. Then, however, came the part of which he hated the most. His right arm shifted as the hilt got bigger. His fingers joined together on some parts and finally it fully shifted to a large green four fingered arm. The fingers on the top part of his hand and one thumb like finger under.

His eyes seemed to turn a feint purple as he stared at the man. He let out a cry and a loud yell of pain as his chest ripped open to form a mouth that closed and stayed shut almost locked in place. He did this again as his right shoulder also ripped open and formed a mouth, however, this time it formed four bone spike like things that jutted from the four corners of that mouth.

His legs spread apart slightly and he stared at Akuma, ready to deal with the worst he needed to...
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Zenkichi Hitoshi


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PostSubject: Re: Invasion of his bankai....   Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:44 am

Zenkichi walked along the sands slowly each step moving the sand under his feet and covering his barely covered feet, it seemed the sun was breathing down the earth's neck today he thought. Or maybe that was just the heat of the desert he was traveling in yeah that must be it Zenkichi thought to himself as he walked he had very little thoughts it was like he was a machine set to a certain design. How droll he thought this desert it was just a giant pile of sand and yet it had been given a name like it had done something to deserve a name, in one thousand years he knew this desert would still just a pile of sand under his feet. He kicked at the sand lightly sending a small wave of it into the air and watched as each individual grain of tiny sand fell back into it's place within the desert he wasn't sure why he was out today. He hadn't been given orders from Valentina she seemed to be distant lately he thought to himself of course what could he say he was one of the most distant people that someone could meet unless it was within a battle of powers.

Zenkichi was about six two and two hundred pounds of muscle, his skin was dark but it was not a mere tan from the sun he was an Indian or more correctly called a Native American. His eyes were a light indigo or purple color whichever term you prefer he had heard people call the color both names before although he never really cared what they called it. His hair was like a mane on top of his head it is pitch black and hangs down to his shoulders, out of the pitch black hair two wolf like ears pop out also covered in pitch black hair he gained this when he died together with a wolf in his human life. He also gained a large bushy tail that hung out where most humanoid tailbones would be it swayed in the air behind him as he walked along the hot sands of the desert, his face it seemed lacked any real emotion it was like a permanent frown. He wore no shirt or any kind of upper body clothing revealing his muscular chest and arms down his chest and sculpted abs one would find a fist sized hole right where his belly button should have been. Across his back was his trusty four foot wide bronze shield that glinted in the sunlight seeing as he was not expecting to fight anyone he had no need for it on his arm right now. From his shoulders down to his wrists a light black tribal tattoo could be seen, around his neck he held two necklace's each different from each other.

One was like a collar wrapped around his throat it was a necklace of bones painted blue and red but these were just hollow bones nothing of importance to Zenkichi. The other necklace on the ohter hand was important to Zenkichi it held the teeth of enemies he considered worthy of remembering he felt that in carrying a piece of their body with him their will and spirit was combined with his own a foolish thought some might think. Around his waist and hips he wore an odd belt it was so big one might think it could be a saddle for a horse and yet it still was in a way looking good on Zenkichi he managed to pull off the big belt look. Under the belt he wore a pair of baggy white pants that were sealed around the ankles by a darker cloth, around the pants seemed to be a red cape like piece of cloth that spread out around him as he walked. Last but not least his footwear consisted of mere sandals that wrapped around the middle of his foot and large toe to keep them in place not really the best of foot wear for going out doors one might think.

When he came to a dune about the size of a house he sighed lightly and began to walk over it this sand made it harder to move he knew. But speed was never his choice of combat although if possible he liked to avoid the real fights he disliked having to kill people but he would do so when ordered by Valentina after all she had given him everything he had now even his name. It seemed Zenkichi was much more thoughtful then he once thought as when he reached the crest of the large sand dune he realized there was a second person within this desert how foolish he hadn't been paying attention. He looked at the man calmly no doubt he was a shinigami of some sort Zenkichi thought to himself as he had no hole upon his body or mask fragment that he could see but who knew maybe he was wrong but he doubted he was. Zenkichi's own mask fragment was his entire left side of his jaw, he looked down at the man now with a calm yet cold look in his eyes although they were cold one could not sense malice or rage from Zenkichi. As he was a true warrior Zenkichi knew that every person had their own reason to fight they weren't evil or good it was just what they truly believed. To him as a sign of respect he did not judge those he did not know by what they said or whose side they were on but how they fought for their beliefs whatever they may be, he said not a word as he looked at the man still.
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Invasion of his bankai....
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