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a bleach rp site that focuses on the arrancar's victory over the shinigami and its aftermath.
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 Hell Butterfly System.

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PostSubject: Hell Butterfly System.   Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:18 am

My suggestion for the site is pertaining specifically for the shinigami. I feel it would be good to implement an ooc Hell butterfly thread for outgoing messages intended to alert any and all who are available to respond, sort of like a broadcast thread if you will.

In the event that there is an Invasion or any other threat to security one can send out a hell butterfly IC and follow up by posting on the proposed Hell butterfly thread where other shinigami can view it ooc and respond to it if they wish to In character no matter where they are in the Soul Society with the valid IC reasoning of receiving a hell butterfly in character. If any of the administrative's like this i would be willing to add more detail behind it and what not but for now its just a suggestion. Looking for any and all feedback , thanks in advance.
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Hell Butterfly System.
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