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 ZX - The Final Stand

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PostSubject: ZX - The Final Stand   Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:52 pm

Long, long ago, in a time thought to be unknown, the world was ruled by one emperor. An emperor who's power was feared across all the lands. Though he was mighty and powerful, he was well respected by all creatures of the earth. Or so he thought. The lands were divided into 3 sections, though still at peace. One section for those interested in the order of the Knights, one section for those interested in the order of the Magi, and the last, small section where those who lived normal lived were located. As well as some Magi and Knights mixed in with them. Among the Knights, there was a group of very powerful knights named The League Of Alather. Alather was the name of a royal god who was passed down in Legends among the Kingdom, as a feared knight of the heavens. Both the Magi, and Knights respected this god.

The Emperor of the land, known as Emperor Mundus fell ill, one evening. Those who knew of his illness thought a curse had been placed upon him by the gods, for doing something they did not agree with. The League Of Alather was a group mixed with Magi, as well as Knights of different ranks and classes, and did not like how Emperor Mundus was treated as a god, and worshiped to day by day. They believed that only Alather had the rights to rule the land, and the curse was a sign, from Alather, to those who worshiped him. A sign that it is time to strike. Making no hesitations, the League of Alather sprung into action, and quickly assassinated the Emperor during his sleep that night. Upon the sun rising the morning after the assassination, the world went into chaos. No one knew what to believe anymore, or if they could even accept the fact that emperor Mundus was now dead. For so long they had believed he was an immortal god, and that nothing but a god could kill him. Their apparent "God" appeared to be no more then a mortal. Later that morning, the League Of Alather announced what they had done, and why they had did it to make the world a better place. The Knights, as well as the Magi became furious at what they had done, but more confused then Furious. To be hearing of such things, made them think that they were the only true immortals. The Magi, being a race of powerful magicians, and magic users, was furious at what a group of Knights had done, and decided to take their anger out on not only the group, but all the Knights.

War broke out across the land, and lasted for years. It is unknown what events happened during that war, but it is as if it was all just a legend that faded away into dust. The only things left from these times are ancient stone sculptures found buried deep beneath the ground, of armies of warriors from those days. Currently, the world has evolved more. Large cities, and business spread across the land. Guns, cars, and all kinds of electronics were invented, and no one but archeologists knew of the statues that have been found beneath the ground. During one of the discoveries, an archeologist had found another large room in the ground, but only held one statue. The statue of a mysterious man holding a spear, standing straight up with the bottom of the spear on the ground next to him. As they dusted this man off, a sudden flash from behind him had quickly bright up, to a point of blindness. History itself was set back in time, as if the present never existed. Anything, and everything from the present vanished from the universe, and the whole universe was placed back into a time of war over the kingdoms. The outer layer of stone on the statues of the warriors began breaking off with great speed and force. And at last, the man holding the spear's stone shelling broke. The instant the thousands of solders saw the man with the spear, the man with the spear, alone, began charging the army of soldiers.

The battle, had once again begun.

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ZX - The Final Stand
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