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 Ken Ishimaru's (Greatfather)

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Ken Ishimaru


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PostSubject: Ken Ishimaru's (Greatfather)   Mon May 31, 2010 8:48 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Ishimaru, Ken

Alias: The Greatfather

Gender: Male

Age: 571

Visual Age: Mid Twenties

Race: Bount

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information: Agrees that Tatsuya is cool, but considers himself cooler

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: O

Family Members: Only child to the Bount royal family, his mother, Heather Ishimaru passed away due to complications of his birth. His father Amami Ishimaru went on to raise him.

Star Sign: Scorpio

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Apperance: When not walking around shirtless, he usually wears dark aviator shades, a black jacket over a white sleeveless shirt, black jeans, and black and white sneakers.


Reiatsu Color: Blood red, turning black towards the top of his aura

Height: 6'1

Weight: 225

Body Type: Athletic

Extra Information: Holds many scars as a result the many fights he has been in, but a majority of them coming from his trials mastering his now subdued doll. He has a tattoo that runs down his right arm that is the seal for his doll.



Personality: Ken is a kind and caring individual. Those that he see's as his friends he thinks of as his family and would protect with his life. On the same token, he also finds it hard to trust new individuals, seeing as he puts the well being of his bount brethren above all else. He is sensitive to others feelings and very observant and can usual discern if there is something bothering them or amiss. But contradictory to his usual behavior he has a horrible temper. Though the fuse is slow to light when he gets angry his personality flips.

Goals: To survive against all opposition

Insecurities: Not living up to the expectations of those around him

Fears: The extinction of his already dwindling race

Strengths: He is a determined and forceful individual

Weaknesses: He has the tendency to be impulsive, whether it be in battle or blurting out the first thing that comes to mind in a conversation.


Bio: Ken is the offspring of two bounts. These bounts, Amami and Heather Ishimaru, were both Greatfather and Greatmother of the remaining bounts that have lived these lands after the arrival of Sin and the devastation that was caused in his wake. This rarity, a child being born of two Bounts was seen as a sign to many. A sign that with this child, a future in which the Bounto race would be able to flourish and prosper, being able to rise up from their shelters of hiding and come together as a race. Heather and Amami both held these ideals close to their hearts as Ken was born, but sadly due to complications of such a miraculous birth, Heather was lost. Amami grieved that his wife wouldn't be able to see what their son would become, but he held it within his heart to mold Ken into something that he knew his wife would be proud of. As Ken grew so did his knowledge of the world around him, the tragedies that had occurred, and about the mysterious history of his Bounto race. He began to learn what it meant to become a ruler, watching his father kind and gracious attitude toward his Bounto family and realizing that one day he'd emulate that behavior and strive to be even better than his father, a challenge his father was all too eager to place on him. Amami, knowing that soon Ken would be placed it life or death battles to protect both himself and his people quickly began to train him with the use of his doll. Because of his higher lineage, though it wasn't mandatory, most royals typically always mastered their dolls to the extent that it could be sealed away within the body, being called out whenever needed at anytime instead of carrying around a medium for its summoning. This sealing away called for more mastery of ones doll, and as such it was more dangerous. It took a better of 50 years of Ken's life to accomplish this task, but his doll had now become sealed within a tattoo he now had on his right arm, able to summon its powers without actually having to call the doll out to do battle. Amami praised his son for his triumph and saw it as more of a right of passage, soon handing the reigns of Greatfather to him. Ken was shocked by this gesture, but knew that if his father deemed him ready and worthy of this he'd try with all he had in order to prove his father decision was a right one.

Over the course of his reign, Ken implemented many things which are now crucial for the Bount race. The first of which was their relocation. The Bounto have been spread out all over the world because of the events that have transpired because of the hollow, and with their numbers already dwindling to the point of extinction being spread out was the least desirable thing if they were to grow in strength. His first course of action was to find all members of the Bounto race and offer them sanctuary within the walls of their underground fortress which laid deep below District 3. Living under District 3 was prime estate. Though Ken hated to see the innocent humans be killed like lambs to a slaughter, this also quenched his bounts appetite for souls as well. He forbade them from feasting on the souls of the living, but gave them permission to take the souls of those who had passed from this world. As their numbers grew, Ken always planned to liberate District 3 and end its tyranny, but for now they'd have to bide their time. With his plans setting forth in motion he began to wonder about the other races, wondering what it what they were truly up to. He knew that because of their numbers, they were probably seen by others as being insignificant. This was a thought that Ken reveled in, but more or less he reveled in the fact that the hollows probably felt this way. In the past, the Bounto never actively fought out against the hollow, something that Ken soon planned to change. It was because of a Hollow that the world was the way it was now, and it would be because of a Bounto that the death of that Hollow would come to fruition.

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PostSubject: Re: Ken Ishimaru's (Greatfather)   Mon May 31, 2010 8:54 am

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Ken Ishimaru's (Greatfather)
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