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 Practice Fight Rules

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PostSubject: Practice Fight Rules   Mon May 31, 2010 12:32 am

rules are subject to change

1. All fights are OC

2. reiatsu levels are relative to the RELEASE not the PERSON

3. Hierro can block only one attack to the inflicted region.

4. Sonido/shunpo are CLASSIFIED as a "Fast run,quicker than the eye can see"

5. auto hits are strictly prohibited. an auto hit is classified as a "attempted attack on an opponent and the opponent
being injured within the same post"

6. These fights are designed for fun, in now way should they be used for bragging rights or to solve CB/PM conflict

7. If a problem occurs, report it to myself along with the post #

8. arguments withing the practice fight are prohibited. respond to a problem by PM
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Practice Fight Rules
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