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a bleach rp site that focuses on the arrancar's victory over the shinigami and its aftermath.
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Korey Cooper


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PostSubject: Payne/KoreY/Kyoko's   Mon May 24, 2010 5:36 pm


I Dare You

Just like my heart, pumping and thudding against the cavities of my ribcage. The very cause is too keep, too fuel, the people, keep the machines.

It's funny in a sense, (i never thought my heart would find a reason to beat) the word friend comes to mind; your the last thing that enters,i have our memories locked, in a forbidden box, with seals wrapped around it. Your simply not the person that i assumed you'd be.

But then again was I? Did you assume better of this monstrosity, could you? Or was it easier to put me down every chance you got.

Yeah that's what I thought.


The bird of Hermes is one of my best friends. I let him feast on my own wings, a sort of fete that everyone can dance too, when the main course is finished. But I do not mind, because that is a small price for a friend like you;

If I would be falling, I think you would bound next to me, I'd like you too. The exaltation of the fall would seem humane. Lets keep falling my friend?

I'd like that.


Dear you, my neanimorphic euphoriant friend, you seemed to know all the rights, but never leave out the wrongs. I love hearing your rants against your innocence; but truthfully when they are gone(I know you'll miss them)

Are you afraid of the edge, the blade of mischievous; it cuts so deep. Maybe it will seep in, that I am a curse? I hope not; because that realization would be the worst(on my part)I could trust you with my life, because you would not be tempted to steal it. (At least i'd hope not?)

To your demon mirror, you are a rose bush; a finer wine. I am the frost that kills you, the lips that taint you. But should i care? No. You don't either.


I am your advocate, and you are the greatest Hellion.You are my savior, my god, my tourniquet; you stopped me from doing so many wrongs; yet you think so little of yourself.

Can't you see, don't you understand. I look up to you so. You drive away my fears, i block about my past when i am with you; you make me bury my fears, even ignore my greatest peers?! I proudly state, if i would die tomorrow i'd be happy, because you are my greatest friend.

Unlike the demon mirror.


Your the king of the ozone. I envy you some times; the greatness that hides behind the confines of your mind and memory. The theatrical mask you wear; to hide your pains and fear.

Am I the only one that can see? I guess it must be. Yet my own shallowness(of a puddle, that's how bad it is) refrains me to do anything, you are my best of friends.

All these, are what you will never be, your only a mirror. You only let people see what they want to see;their selves. The people above here, they are the best. You are not.

Around you my heart dances, because i want to rub it in your face how much happier i am. Call me cruel, call me pathetic. I want to see you squirm. Sometimes it feels like my heart crawls out of my chest, for it to be seen, for you to see it. Really, i think your obsession is getting worst. So go ahead, try to stomp on my heart. Try to kill me; try to turn me blue.

I dare you.

I'm going Insane.Part I

So today I was sitting in my car, drinking coffee with like 19 sugar cubes. And then I burned my tongue taking a sip out of it, watching the cars go by I realized something, humanity is nothing. Humans are weak creatures. Our bones are as brittle as the skin that covers them.
Our skin is as brittle as paper.
Imagine if I, right now was hit head on by a truck. ((Not that coco cola truck that already hit me )) But a bigger car, 6 wheeler so to say.
What would you say would happen to me.
Now onto another thing.
Humans are nothing without their technology.
Even though I am a human, I can't say I hate what I am. Although I can think I should.
Take away today's technology, at this time from people. What do you think will happen?
Total chaos.
We've forgotten what we are.
The chaos will awaken the animal in some of us.
Thus awakening the fight or flight instinct.
We'll kill each other-for no reason (Not that we already don't)
But ti's a fact.
I don't call myself insane like most of you do, or soon will. I call myself opened minded. People are afraid of the truth, I speak it.

Thus onto another insane thought I have.

People say we are the land of the free? Not at all. We just have less laws then other countries.
Compare America's Reign to the Roman's Reign.
Similar, No?
America takes what it doesn't have.
If Russia- So to say- Has some new missile. And America doesn't.
We'll take it.
Even by the means of war.
If china has a deadly disease spreading.
We'll clean it
Not the nice way either.

We'll take and take and give nothing at all back. We have to lead. we have to win.



-Payne Ookami

There's a thin line between promises and threats darling.

So you say your death?
Well guess what I am mother fucking Satan.
I am the soldier creating Mass Genocide.
I make people like you commit Suicide.
Go jerk off you fucking bum.
I’ll burn your city, to the ground.
Make your hopes and dreams a hopeless Mound.
You’re family just Pathetic Insects in my grasps,
I’ll laugh, as they’ll slowly rasp out their sadness.

I am the angel of ecstasy
Fool you and make you think I am the girl of your FUCKING fantasies.
Then make you think I’ll kill you in ease?
Make you suffer, Make you feel Pain,
Nor rain of Mercy shall hit your soul.
I won’t let you die,
I only wish to see you cry, beg, and then when you think your safe.
I’ll pull out my mother fucking strafe,
Shoot your ass up,
bring your miserable attempt of life.
People like you are only a waste of life, air, and my time.
And this is the end of my lovely Rhyme.

First Born, First Sin, No fear, No lies

New life,
I promised myself I’d start over new,
Besides this life is long overdue.
Inscribed in my back;
Is no fear.
Maybe I’d be some where in this atmosphere.
I’m done with the cigs, drugs and beer.
Was this my Platonic year?

Now my life is collapsing like a house of cards,
This is we’re I’ve gotten so far,
I wish,
I could fake it like you do,
I wish I could be just like you.

Arrogant to the shadows that tug on the simple concept of a human being.
Maybe this life has no meaning.
They crushed my heart, but spared my life.
So simple, as I am staring into this knife.
Possibly I did it for the false love,
or possibly I did it to hide the pain,
push it far above.
But after a while, the high does not last.
Our lives are a simple hour glass.
The pain it haunts me to this very day,
The cigs and drugs never paid.
The beer simply would wreck my train of thought.

The lyrics of a song bussing in my ear.
”You live what you learn” Chester sang,
But what if you lived for nothing, and learned all.
Living life on the ball.
I suppose I’ll kill myself.
End up in hell.

Inside and out.
To start a new life,
you must end your own,
The tree means new life.
That’ll start with this knife.
And end, this demon I call my self’s strife.

In this new life,
I will not run from the pain,
simply because nothing I will gain,
Nothing I will fear,
Like fireflies in the night,
I’ll simply shine.


My version of the cheshire cat






Such A Nice Girl



Techno Slut

*Granny Tsunade


Orange Army-Birds eye view


Orange army


'where is my angel when I need him most?
Tell me now where did he go?'


Under My Candy Necklace

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