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a bleach rp site that focuses on the arrancar's victory over the shinigami and its aftermath.
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 The Plot

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PostSubject: The Plot   Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:39 pm

------------main plot-------------------

Bleach shattered souls takes place 2,000 years after the current bleach events. The outcome being slightly darker however.Aizen claimed victory over the shinigami and Vaizards, ending with the creation of the kingdom key. Division 0 however pushed him back from the king and he returned to Hueco Mundo. Aizen experimented with the hogyoku again and again until he perfected the arrancar. This would be the moment to end all things however. Sin was born, an arrancar so powerful and deadly Aizen couldn't control it. Sin ripped out Aizens heart and left him to die as it went to Soul Society. With the deaths of the Captains, taking control over soul society was an easy task for Sin. The only difficulty were the kenpatchi and byakuya kuchiki. Byakuya fled Soul Society along with as many shinigami as he could while kenpatchi fought with Sin. Sins resurreccion brought all of Soul society to the ground, along with the death of the kenpatchi. He claimed himself king over all things and built himself a new empire in Soul Society.


After their banishment, they found themselves in present day Africa. The desert to be specific. Sin's comparison to the white desert that his fellow hollows had to wonder while in hueco mundo. They soon learned Sin's reach had spread all over the world of the living save for three other areas apart from africa. the rest were known as the wasteland. mainly due to the lack of existence in these areas. Here the remainder of the shinigami with byakuya as their leader, built a new seireitei in the desert. They pieced back the broken gotei little by little until it was near complete again. Byakuya departed to join Division 0 leaving a woman named Enrya as the new Captain Commander.She helped stabilize the new Seireitei and help the gotei replenish its ranks to protect them from hollow and arrancar attacks that seemed to be near constant.


Sin had turned Soul Society into a segunda Hueco Mundo. The rukongi became known as the "feeding grounds" for hollows to consume souls that thought they were being taken to a better place. the seireitei was given a dome and renamed "castillo del condenado" or castle of the damned.Sin rebuilt the ranks of the Espada with the hogyoku at his disposable. Sin would constantly have them attack the newly created Soul Society to toy with the shinigami instead of ordering an all out attack and ending there misery. he wanted them to suffer just how the hollows had.Now he receded the attack back, for reasons only he knew of.


The Vizard ranks that had once been of decent size now feel to one lone Vizard . A man by the name of Armond. Armond needed the hogyoku to rebuild his race yet it lay in the hands of Sin. One day he decided to attack the castle of the damned single handed and made it all the way to Sin before being stopped. Sin ordered that he deal with Armond himself. The two fought for a few moments before the hogyoku left Sins hands, flying into the air. Sin cut Armond across the chest while the he tried diving to save the device. It hit the ground and shattered. Gravely injured, Armond thought his life was over but grabbed a piece of the hogyoku for dear life. Sin laughed at his attempt to save his race and ordered him to leave at once, not seeming the piece Armond had taken. He told Armond that since they were both an outcast race that he would put aside japan so he could live the rest of his days without hollow attack. Armond left soul society and went to japan. He fused the piece of the hogyoku to himself to keep it from losing its power. He wondered all over the place finding loose shinigami and turning them into Vizards with the power of the hogyoku, slowly building his race up again from nothing. He created there own form of government and ruled over it as the leader of the Vizards.


Sins rule brought a grim time for all humans. they were keep on the continent of north america and breed for food for hollows. When they were old enough to bear children they would produce then be killed by arrancar and sent to SS to the feeding grounds. Some humans gained unique powers such as becoming quincys and bounts as well as powers no one can classify. These people were keep alive by Sin's interest in them, and left to govern the others and keep them in line as they awaited there deaths.

Will the shinigami ever regain control over soul society? what is Sin planing? will the Vaizard race take it upon themselves to bring peace to this dark and dead world? everything is chance, nothing is truth in this unique dilemma of the bleach world. Your choices will shape the world in this adventure. I give you bleach"shattered souls.
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The Plot
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