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 Yasahiro Guujin

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PostSubject: Yasahiro Guujin   Sun May 23, 2010 12:50 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Yasahiro

Alias: ( his good side is yasa and his bad side is hiro)

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Visual Age: 6

Race:Super Human

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Extra Information: Yasahiro wears a metal collar around his neck with 3 feet of chain hanging down.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: +AB

Family Members: dead

Birth Date: Unknown

Star Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Food: carrot cake and leek soup

Least Favorite Food: Pork chops and refried beans

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Apperance: Yasahiro Has shiny black hair that falls down almost to his shoulders with a few stray locks over his forehead. He has dark silver eyes that are usually wide open. he has a small mouth that makes him look very meek. his small skinny build makes him look more female than male, along with his light skin tone.

He wears a variety of things, though only things that people give him. Without people giving him clothes, he would walk around naked. He's worn loincloths, to a 3 peice suit, to a penguin costume. He usually wears a black poncho, a large dress shirt and some minishorts.

Reiatsu Color: blue when he's Yasa and black when he's Hiro

Height: 4'2

Weight: 45lbs

Body Type: small

Personality: Yasahiro has a complete split personality when it comes to anything in his life. each persona is conmpletely different in their own way. the only thing that they both agree on is that they must obey whom ever they serve. they both have a high sense of pride and love for everything that they do.

Yasa(defense): Yasa is a happy, girly child that is obsessed with bright colors and sweet sounds. His fighting style is secluded to nothing but defense. He never raises a hand to anyone and treats everyone as his master. the only way to retreive Hiro is to hit Yasa enough for him to need to fight back. Other than that, he is an entergetic, acrobatic child.

Hiro(attack): Hiro is a child that is rough around the edges and boasts quite a bit about his main master. He is only loyal to Valentina, the one whom had pulled him from the horrible breeding of the human race. He is horrible at cooking but exellent at cleaning. He never talks to anyone but Valentina and attacks for himself and for his master.

Fears: Yasahiro is scared of dying and receding into the regular flow of things. He wants to stay out of the loop and only to observe it. He wants to walk his own path just enough so that he can help others.

Strengths: His strength is his extreme ability of acrobatics, flexibility and agility. He is strong enough to go head to head with the fraccion. His loyalty is what replaces his determination and will.

Weaknesses: His weakness is strength and his own fragility. he may be able to go head to head with the fraccion, but if they hit him more than once, he will be rendered unconsious.


Addictions: His addictions is sweet carrots and steamed leeks.

Withdrawals: without either of those, he will be completly weak shaky, and will refuse any food that is given to him. Which will soon make him collapse.


birth-4: During his birth, his parents were in a small run-down shack with one other lady. All of them were hiding from the Espada that comes to collect the parents after they fulfilled their duty in birthing 2 or 3 children. The lady (who was only 12) was his sister in which was to take care of him after the parents died. Yasahiro was born without a name, because there was no longer a need for one. As he grew up, he spent his days cooped up in a bomb shelter with 20 other people hiding from the unseen men who were going to take them away. Some people called them " hell's angels"

His sister, unable to take care of him any longer sold him for a few days of food to a few men. They chained Yasahiro to a basement and tortured him for fun. Glad that they could take their frustrations on him instead upon the people who were trying to kill them. The Espadas. Yasahiro grew up not knowing what the sun looked like, not caring if he died and not caring if he never tasted the stagnant water that they gave him.

4-8: As he grew older, he was given chores and things to do in the basement. His chain had gotten up to 5 feet long now, though it was still connected to the foundation of the house and to his neck. He cooked, cleaned and organized books. He sometimes pretended that he was able to read them while his owners were away looking for food.

They sometimes spotted him trying to read and began beating him again. Though his beats was with the same chain that he was hooked up to instead of their own fists and feet. One day while he was still young the entire house fell upon them. Killing both of his owners. Yasahiro being the only survivor. Though it was because his new powers awakened that he was alive now. He pulled himself from the rubble and began to walk around. Wondering why no one was there.

Wearing nothing but the chain that was still attached, he began searching for another person to see if he really was alone. He came upon a couple of espadas whom were attacking a group of people. Yasahiro walked quietly up and sat in front of the chaos, wondering if they were going to make quite a bit of damage. The espadas noticed him right away and began laughing at him because of his lack of clothing. One of them look him by the chain and led him to Huco Mundo to be reveiwed. To see if his milt superhuman abilities were enough to keep him alive.

Yasahiro was tested, probed and stressed upon for several weeks until he was put into the torture area. Where they tried to see what triggered the ability and why. They tried everything from killing others to torturing Yasahiro. No one could find out how he could release it until they left him alone with one person that was scheduled to be eaten in the next banquet.

Yasahiro became completely attached to this person, and when that person died his split personalities came into being. Yasa being the happy optimistic one, using only defense and never hurting others. while Hiro was the negative one, always attacking at whomever he deemed a threat to a specific person in mind. And in this situation, it was the condemned human that they were going to take away.

Yasahiro was rendered unconsious almost immediately after they received this notion and took his friend to be eaten. Yasahiro is now a servant of the Espada and serves under Valentina Volpe. The memory of the eaten human wiped clean from his young brain.
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Yasahiro Guujin
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