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PostSubject: Higura-WIP   Fri May 21, 2010 2:48 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Arrancar Application

Name: Higura Haroto

Alias: RA

Gender: male

Age: 2154

Visual Age: 18

Race: Arrancar

Division: (Shinigami only)

Hollow Hole Location: In the middle of his abdomen.

Mask Fragment Description: A necklace around his neck that holds his pieces together, but never comes off.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*This stuff is optional

Blood Type: Unknown

Family Members: All Dead

Birth Date: March, 21st

Star Sign:

Favorite Food: All human food (well almost all), and hollow flesh

Least Favorite Food: Human flesh.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

General Apperance:
Higura stands 6'0", and weighs around 170lbs. He has short messy blonde hair, which looks like its styled that way. He has a slight farmers tan. He is Athletic build. He has a well toned body, that he has full confidence in. He has light green eyes, that often turn red when he is in combat. He has two large scars across his back, which were given to him by Hollow he had been hunting. He has two tattoo's both on his wrists, and his number tattoo is located on his right shoulder, which is always covered. His remaining hollow mask fragment is a necklace around his neck that holds his pieces together, but never comes off.

Higura likes to wear almost anything that makes him look manly, cool, friendly, and sometimes scary. Most of the time though he tends to wear just a black button T-shirt with two or more designs on it; either a cross, snake, or something in Japanese. He also like to wear a pair of black loose fitting jeans with a chain hanging out from his left pocket, and a normal brown leather belt to hold them around his waist. He also likes to wear a pair of brown hiking boots, or a black pair of DC's with a gold trim. His ear is also pierced, with a silver stud. His hands are covered by a pair of black leather gloves.

When he is about to go into combat he likes to wear a worn out black leather coat, with many different patches; Crosses, famous names, or a patch of RA. Under the coat he wears two metal shoulder guards. He wears a normal pair of worn out blue jeans with a large hole around his right knee. He also wears a pair steal toed armoured boots. His hands will always be covered by the same black leather gloves.

Reiatsu Color: Gold

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 170lbs

Body Type: Athletic, upper body well toned.

Extra Information: He has two tattoo's on his wrists, and two large cuts on his back.


Personality: Higura is a kind, caring, and rather helpful man. He does what he believes is right, and will only follow what he believes. He tends to ignore his CO's orders when it comes to hunting down creatures unless it is a hollow. He rarely fights unless he really has to, or if someone is in danger of being killed, or raped. He isn't cocky, rash or head strong. He knows his limits, and will get out when he knows he can't win something.

He tends to let people believe what they want about him, even if its bad. If someone were to make fun of his father on the other hand, or say something rather disgraceful about him, he'd use his full power to kill the man/woman. He is also known for being quite protective of woman whom he trusts, and is in love with. He will never let a woman he loves go unwatched for a second. He'll order two of his best troops to follow and protect the woman while he moves in to try and help them, and the woman.

-Healing, and helping people.
-Fighting, and killing hollows(he hates hollows from his father).
-Sword fighting.
-Flirting(with women)
-Creating things(painitings, drawing, and carving; often carving from pieces of hollows).
-Sexy women.
-Humans(out of their own nature ways of living).

-Cocky people.
-Shinigami(unless the shini is a woman he's interested in)
-Fighting for no purpose; randomly.
-Killing innocent lives.
-Those who let their blades talk for them.
-Selfish people.

Goals: Try to do things without fighting.

Insecurities: Having people talk behind his back.

Fears: Being hated by woman.

Strengths: Healing, and hunting.

Weaknesses: Always throwing himself out to help a human, or someone he's attracted to.

Phobias: Being near mindless hollows when no ones around. If no one is around he kills them.

Extra Information: N/A


Addictions: Nothing

Withdrawals: N/A

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