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 Black Crow Dynasty

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PostSubject: Black Crow Dynasty   Sun May 16, 2010 9:07 pm

Millions of years ago A strong force crashed 3 planets together forming them into one. Th worlds were Endothermias, Exothermisa, and Combustle. The force that crashed them into eachother was a Super nova caused by the gods inbetween the dimensions. They caused that by accidently messing up the space time dimensions. When the worlds crashed hundreds of millions died but only a few thousand survived. After years and years of living on the waste land of a planet people began to build cities discover new things. A million years after that A certain world rebelled agaisnt the ways of the fused planets which made the whole planet hate eachother. The planet seperated creating borders to block out people who they thought were outsiders. The gods were angry with the people and took away one thing from each world that they need. Combustle needed there lava rocks for energy, Endothermias needed there iceshards for houses and some food, and last Exothermisa needed there herbs for medicines. That didn't work. The people adapted to not having what they needed. That changed when on world crossed the line making the other worlds go on a rampage. after that the only thing the worlds did together was go to school and that was that. After a while the worlds started making groups of people called elites which were the main organizations of the worlds. Here is some info on the worlds

Endothermias's Information
The Cold abyss:
An icey wasteland that feels nothing like antartica to the people who live here this world is nothing but cold and People who live here don't just have ice abilities the have a wide variety of abilities

The sub-normal world:
This world is a paculiar world the water flows up not down when ever you drop something it falls up, leaves stay in place when the break from a branch no living plant or animal dies in this world at all this is a Sub-normal world

The fiery Hell:
This world is surrounded by volcano's and lava pits it has various heat waves but the peopel in this world don't break a single sweat talk about hot lol

Here are the spirits

The site will be going into the 2.0 phase i am sorry if any of your post or topics get delted but this si required fr the site

All members remake your characters with the new Template and the new world as been made

The nether:
people from this world are just pure evil they live like normal people when around there own kind but when they are around people from Combustle and places like that then things get personal. The mainly use corrupted techniques

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Black Crow Dynasty
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